Data-First Marketing: Customized Assessment
We have included a quick free assessment on this website, and a longer self-assessment is included in the book. For organizations that want a formal assessment conducted by the authors, we also offer a Customized Assessment. Through a series of surveys and interviews with all relevant stakeholders in the company, the Customized Assessment is a comprehensive review of the marketing team’s (and business’) readiness and capability to adopt and execute a data-first marketing strategy. Every Customized Assessment delivers a detailed report of findings, explaining why the company sits in a specific stage along the Data-First Marketing Maturity Model.
Data-First Marketing: Audit
Included in every Data-First Marketing Audit is a Customized Assessment PLUS a prioritized action plan of what needs to be done in order to reach the next stage of the Data-First Marketing Maturity Model. Results and action plan are delivered in an extended working session with the marketing team to answer any questions and provide further specific guidance based upon each company’s structure, strategy and goals.

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